Find the Real Ireland

Join chef Halaigh Whelan-McManus as he introduces us to Northern Ireland’s food and drink scene.

For much of its history, the coast of northern Ireland has been known as a cold, hard, rugged place, and its people have been known for their perseverance and no-bullshit attitude. Today, the environment is still tough, but the people and storied culture are thriving, and nowhere is this more evident than in the wave of incredible new farmers, food producers, chefs—and whiskeys.

In Northbound, a mini-doc produced in partnership with Bushmills, chef and Ireland native Halaigh Whelan-McManus starts off in bustling Belfast to chat with the locals and give us a glimpse of a food and drink scene, which is every bit as exciting as those of its European neighbors. Next we meet some locals who are raising, catching, and creating high-quality and highly coveted Irish staples. We end our trip at Bushmills, Ireland’s oldest licensed distillery, to catch a glimpse of tradition while tasting the whiskeys of today and tomorrow.

We've been at it since 1608.

Crafted as we always have, we continue to triple distill 100% malted barley in copper pot stills to make our pure malt whiskey. Enjoy a dram neat, or in your favorite cocktail.

we've been at it since 1608

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