Be a poet with these Real Irish Limericks

Irish culture has a deep love for storytelling. For centuries, stories have been passed on by seanachai, the Irishmen with a “bit of the blarney” who kept tradition alive in the form of prose, song, and poetry.

These days it’s a bit harder to keep a captive audience – but if you can’t say it in a few lines, perhaps it’s not worth saying at all. Share these REAL IRISH Limericks with your friends to tell a story of your own.

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A little good storytelling goes a long way.

And of course, don't forget the whiskey.

Toasting with a dram of Bushmills Irish Whiskey is a great way to celebrate Irish heritage – after all it’s the oldest working distillery in Ireland. We've been at it Since 1608.

we've been at it since 1608

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